Assessment Design 1.0

As a special education teacher, creating assessments is a challenge because the  center of what I do is individualized instruction for students to meet IEP goals and objectives.  However, following discussion with my students have found there are goals they would like to work towards as a class, thus allowing me to assess if they are truly understanding what they are learning. I am a firm believer in that I may be individualizing instruction for students but there are ways to assess what students are learning in a way that I can truly drive my instruction.

As stated by William and Black(1998), formative assessments are essential to what is being taught in the classroom and in fact raise standards as well as student achievement. That has been at the heart of what I do since I began teaching in 2006. As technology has evolved, it has made conducting formative assessments easier. Technology can allow for students to receive feedback quicker than ever before.

The name of my assessment is Individualized Education Plan(IEP) and the purpose is to provide students with supports and individualized instruction to meet goals and objectives written according to needs identified on their evaluation report. At the heart of UbD is asking questions, I can apply this to a students IEP by asking Do they understanding their IEP? Do they know what they are working on? I am striving for my students to understand the big picture-why are they on an IEP? After they understand that, students can be asked what are your goals and objectives you are working on?

I hope to understand what my students know about their IEP and/or what they don’t know. If at the heart of my teaching is to have students be strong self advocates who are meeting their goals and objectives, everything needs to go back to do they understand how they learn and why they are in my class. The uniqueness of SPED is the unique needs each student brings to the classroom.

Here is to my first version of my Assessment 1.0


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