Lesson Plan Reflection

This post is a reflection of a lesson I presented to one of my classes. The goal was to teach the lesson and then reflect on how the lesson and what areas I feel I could improve on. The goal is to begin using Action Research to guide my lesson planning. 

Changes I made to the lesson plan that I had posted into Module 5 was I got more specific in what I was going to teach. In the lesson I have linked into this reflection, I honed in on specific transition standards the lesson is meeting. I also honed in on what I wanted students to learn. The biggest challenge of the lesson was the assessment piece. I reflect on this part of the assignment below.  Here is a copy of thelesson plan. The challenge in special education is meeting the Individualized Education Plan goals and objectives for each student as well as meeting their transition needs. The lesson plan met the following standards fromNational Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition.

The students whom I taught the lesson to were in a class called Strategies for Academic Success class. Students who are identified as being on an Individualized Education Plan are in the class. They receive elective credit for the class. Students work on their IEP goals and objectives in addition to working on their transition skills. There are 8 boys in the class. 7 were in attendance for the lesson. Their disabilities range from Other Health Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Developmentally Cognitively Delayed.  The lesson, I felt went well. Information was presented to students on a power point and run through a projector. The goal was to work with students on knowing the differences between high school and college. For some students, they understood it, which led them to participating more in the lesson than others. The students knew more differences between high school and college than I had anticipated; they were naming differences that I had not thought of. The content of the lesson was age appropriate and content appropriate.

In looking back at the lesson there are things I would keep the same and look at changing. The biggest challenge is meeting students were they are at. Students are in different places and it is often a challenge to find something that all students haven’t done. There always seem to be those students who are ahead of their peers and find the lesson boring. We work to have those students understand that each student in in their own place. I equate this with a general education teacher who has different levels of students in their class and need to differentiate for the different levels. It is my goal to make sure each student is engaged at the level they are at. I need to look at adding a piece either into the lesson or at some point before I present the information to find out what students already know. In doing this I can find out what information needs to be covered and maybe look at what information can be briefly covered. This is something I feel I need to work on for future lessons. Another thing I need to look at is how students are being assessed. Right now the only way students are assessed is through whether or not they are filling out their bellwork sheet. The challenge this presents is I don’t think it is really assessing to see what students know. Also, another challenge is I don’t really go back later on to see if students understand what was taught previously. I need to look at working on a type of assessment that is completed at the end of each unit. This is another thing I need to look at, dividing content into units so it is more organized. Right now, information is divided into the following content areas: Math Mondays, Transition Tuesdays, Writing Wednesdays, Thinking Thursdays and Fact Fridays. I would like to look at content that can be placed into each of these categories and maybe organize the content into units so things are a little more cohesive and connect to each other.