What do People Know…

In this day of ever-changing technology and how information is collected, audio files are becoming easier to record and share. Gone are the days of a tape recorder and tapes. Using Audicity is a recording resource that allows users a way to record and edit recorders. It is a program that also allows the recording to be exported into a format that allows the users to post the recording

The task for my CEP 800, Learning in school and other settings, class was to conduct an interview or interviews to see what people know. The second part of the task was to record the interview using audcity. I decided to interview my boyfriend, Nick, to see what he knew about hockey, since it is his favorite sport. The questions were to measure the basic knowledge of the game of hockey and teams in the National  Hockey League. The interview was conducted before we ended up watching a hockey game-which he asked if he could redo the interview as he got some answers wrong.

Here is the link to the interview:

Hockey Interview