Not the end……merely the begining

My CEP 812 class, Applying Educational Technology to Practice, is coming to an end. But I see it as just the beginning. CEP 812 also marks the end of the Educational Technology Certificate for me. To say I have learned something would be the understatement of the year. Prior to starting the Ed Tech Certificate at MSU, I had a solid knowledge base in technology-or so I thought. The things I have learned have brought my knowledge to a new level. I have new and fresh ideas to bring not only to my classroom, but to my district as well. I can say that thanks to the Certificate program, I am now addicted to Twitter and my ever growing PLN. I was involved with an educational technology chat via twitter with Arne Duncan-when did that happen?  Passion and Curiosity are what drive me.  It is my passion for educational technology that brought me to MSU. It was my curiosity that kept me going. 21st century learners will need both as technology continues to advance. There are a lot of technology tools, curiosity will bring learners to the innovative and new tools. Passion will keep those innovative tools going and not fade. Check out my info graphic around the technology I currently use and what I hope to use in the very near future. It may be small, but I don’t want to lose my passion.

Passion and Curiosity in the Classroom


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