Challenging My Own Ideas

This week for my blog for my CEP 812 class, Applying Educational Technology to Practice, I was challenged to follow three twitter handles I already don’t follow. The new Twitter handles needed to be ones that have differing opinions/thoughts from my one. Sounds easy right? Wrong, there was one Twitter handle in which I didn’t feel comfortable pushing the follow button. That may sound strange to some, especially as you read on to see which three Twitter handles I decided to follow, but for someone who is very particular about who they follow and who sees my information, it was one that took me out of my realm of feeling good.

The three new twitter handles I decided to follow were NEA, Common Core Ed Tech, and edutopia. The first two challenge by beliefs and ideas a little more than edutopia does. Why would someone ask since I a a teacher, shouldn’t I be in supportive of the NEA and the common core? There a number of issues I don’t agree with the NEA on and I am still not completely sold on the Common Core Standards. When I decided to follow the common core ed tech, I wanted to see how technology would be tied into the common core standards as well as look at the standards. NEA, even though it is the professional organization for teachers, I don’t always fully agree on what they are saying or telling me what I should support as a teacher. I will be honest, when I decided to follow the NEA, I was uncomfortable even pushing the follow button.

It is a challenge to go outside of the circles of thought I am comfortable with. But as someone I know always says to me, you have to listen to the other side in order to understand where they are coming from. It is important that both sides are in heard.  I am thinking the issue is as Gee states, “Nothing weighs more on the human mind than complexity(Gee, 2013, pg 140).” When one thinks about it maybe its the complexity of thought that drives us towards the groups that don’t offer the challenge to what or how we think. Ignorance is bliss, right? Gee also states that “Humans do not like to carry heavy things around in their minds, (2013, pg 133).”  So why then would people want to follow or interact with those who challenge their thoughts and ideas? Technology has made it easier to not have to follow or “listen” to those with differing opinions, especially with the filters that are applied to searches a person does. Facebook, Twitter and Google all do it, but as these technology tools have ‘control’ over what we see, making it easier for one to stay in their tech bubble. But what if people wear to ignore what was popping up in front of them and looked for pages and twitter handles that challenged ideas and made us carry the ‘heavy stuff’ as Gee puts it. The amount of technology that is around us is amazing, but is it time for people to go on a tech diet? Would the world change? Would new ideas emerge?



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2 thoughts on “Challenging My Own Ideas

  1. Tech diet? I love the term, may I use it for my PD? You do bring up a good point. I agree that it is important to have a balance between techie and non techie things. I do follow people on twitter, facebook and any media with whom I share similar thoughts. I recently had a conversation with a fellow educator on twitter and did not agree with his opinion and chose not to follow or continue asking about his thoughts. After reading this wicked problem, this person came straight into my mind. I did not listen to him, I did not care to ask him more about his education theories. I did not give myself the opportunity to challenge my thoughts, learn and to maybe with his input, create a new theory. Key word CREATE. Any thoughts?

    FYI I too am a fellow MAET student

    • That is my challenge-following people on Twitter that shares the same point of view as me. That is what I liked about this assignment, it challenged me to gain other points of views even though I may not agree nor like it. If any thing-we don’t have to agree with everyone, but I feel we have to consider what others are saying. The ability to listen to the other side can be powerful and I believe that we can see more things get accomplished if we at least listen to each other. But I think people get so stuck in their ways and on their point of view they can’t look at the other side.

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