Specific Learning Disabilities and Technology

This week for my Apply Educational Technology to practice class, I get to combine my two passions, specific learning disabilities and assistive technology. As a high school special education teacher, I am always looking for ways for students I work with to access the general education curriculum as well as to build the confidence of my students. There are several students I work with who struggle to get their thoughts down on paper, very often they are dictating their answers or papers to a teacher. For younger students this is exciting, but for the high school students it is embarrassing to be seen having an adult do things for your. Assistive technology gives students the independence they are looking for for, especially when it comes to writing.

Students with writing disabilities have difficulty with getting their thoughts from their brain to the paper, spelling and organizing their thoughts.  I chose to focus on using Dragon Speech Recognition as way to help students who struggle to write.  Dragon Speak allows students to take their thoughts and put them to paper using their voices, eliminating the step of having to use paper and pencil.

I was first introduced to Dragon as I was just beginning in special education and it is amazing to see how far it has come in a few short years. Using Dragon Speech Recognition Software, students with writing disabilities can build confidence and independence as they are allowed to write their papers with minimal adult assistance.  Take a look at what Dragon is  

After watching the video,  read my paper using research to back Dragon as a way to increase writing abilities of students who struggle with writing.

Writing Disabilities and AT


One thought on “Specific Learning Disabilities and Technology

  1. Ms. Nelson,
    I really enjoyed watching your screen cast on Dragon Speech Recognition. This week I focused on autism and I think this would be a great tool for the two autistic students that I currently have in my classroom. They both attend occupation therapy and physical theory because their hand writing is very poor. The one boy has a great imagination but it is difficult to read his ideas. This software would allow me to read his stories and assess his writing much more efficiently. I also think this tool would be a great motivator for students. I believe that any student in my classroom would think this tool was awesome but I think the autistic students would take more from this software then the general education students. Thank you so much for sharing this tool! I will definitely show my principal this software to see if we can purchase it for our autistic students to use!

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