The Anti Education Era

James Paul Gee is the author of the book, The Anti Education Era. He is unforgiving in his analysis and opinion about the education system in the United States and how in this era of digital learning, smarter students need to be created. It is a good read that I believe all educators should read. It makes you think and look at students in this new era of technology. Below is a link to a google doc that discusses my thoughts in answering the question-What limitations prevent us from solving big, complex problems smartly? Hopefully it makes one think and hopefully makes you want to read further what Gee is talking about.

Anti Education Question Response


Problem Practice

A new technology adventure! The fall brings a new school year and a new semester. This fall I am taking two classes. This blog post refers to my Applying Education Technology to Practice class. This week we were charged with creating a screencast to solve a problem of practice in our current classroom.  We had to identify what type of problem it was. I identified mine as a Complex Problem. Which is defined as: problems that require the simultaneous consideration of multiple variables, many of which change or evolve.” (Stone) I will have to admit I had trouble figuring something out until I came to realized this school year, the general education US Economics class I co-teach is in the process of solving our “problem of practice.” We are working on changing how we bring material to students, better utilizing the two teachers we have in the classroom and how to integrate technology more effectively into our classroom.  This was the perfect assignment for me to figure out how to bring technology into the classroom. I am hoping that it will be integrated soon!

Problem of Practice Screencast


Stone, Emily. “1.1 Learn.” Week 1: Defining Problems of Practice. N.p., 13 09 2013. Web. 13 Sep. 2013.