Remix, Reuse, Recycle Video

Link to Sarah Nelson’s Remix, Reuse, Recycle video:

The second class in the Educational Technology Certificate program is titled Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education. Right out of the gate The first assignment for my was a doozie. We were asked to create a ‘remix’ video centered around an educational technology buzzword using youtube videos that have a creative commons license. In this new world of technology, copyright infringement is becoming a major issue as people are taking things such as  copyrighted movies and music, placing them in the public domain for all to use. The issue with this is these are copyrighted by studios and artist and are not to be used without permission. However, the law is still catching up to technology-example-Napster.

As I looked at the list of buzzwords, there were several that could fit into what I wanted to convey in my video. The buzzword I settled on was instructional technology was the word I selected. In the video various types of technology-twitter, google, Facebook and ipads are highlighted as these are the tools that schools are beginning to integrate into classrooms to enhance learning for students.  Since it was the 4th of July holiday and I was going out of town on Wednesday, I decided it would be a good idea to work on this week’s assignment right away. I figured it was going to be a challenge and would need more than Sunday afternoon when I got back to work on. Boy, am I glad I worked on it right away. I started around 9 am central standard time and through 2 reruns of Beverly Hills, 90210, the movies, The Day After Tomorrow and Just Like Heaven, my video took shape. Frustration came early as Mozilla Popcorn was a little aggravating from the start. I googled tutorials to see if I could figure it out, but eventually settled for tinkering. Following my final movie, I thought I had created the perfect 30 second video, even tweeted about breaking out in a sweat when  I realized I may have to do a little more.  As I was taking a lunch break to get over my frustration, I read a tweet that stated, “if you’re not frustrated, you’re not learning.” Reading that tweet completely changed my attitude and reignited by enthusiasm to continue to better my video. Four hours later-mission accomplished!

Through the quirks, stoppages, freezes and other issues that arose during the making of my remix, I learned about a new tool that I feel could be used in my classroom. My goal for the 2013-2014 school year is to utilize Google and youtube in my classroom. I feel this newest tool would be something my students could use for projects as well as getting to know each other. As I continue on this journey known as the Educational Technology Certificate, I am learning so much it could be overwhelming, but as someone shared with me, stick to 2-no more.  I am excited to continue on this journey. The information I am gaining is applicable right away and I am excited to share this with my students and fellow staff members.


Ball, Dan. TWITTER EPIC RAP. 2012. Video. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <;.

Facebook vs Google . 2013. Video. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <;.

Huckaby, Mike. Techno using the Circle Synthesizer. MP3. Soundcloud. 3 Feb 2013. 3 July 2013.

Lindgren-Streicher, Karl. A day in a flipped classroom. 2012. Video. 3 Jul 2013. <;.

Inkling: moving textbooks onto the iPad. 2011. Video. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <;.

Space Shuttle Launch From Multiple Views HD. 2012. Video. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <;.

Tyagi, Nitin. 2011. Video. Web. 3 Jul 2013. <;.


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