Cooking with TPACK

This week’s activity for my Teaching for understanding with Technology class had us exploring the challenges that come with working with tools to complete a task without the proper tools nor knowledge to successfully complete the task. Our next task was to explore how this is in line with the TPACK framework, which was developed at Michigan State University. TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, simply put it is the knowledge teachers need to know to effectively teach with technology (Koehler, 2011). In this world, where technology is becoming, if it already hasn’t become, the center of everything people do, this framework provides guidance for the effective integration of technology into the education world. The activity challenged my thought of how easy it is to do something without the proper knowledge. My thought is before something can be successfully integrated, the knowledge of how and what the technology does needs to be there.

TPACK Fruit Salad

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Nelson, S. (Editor) (2013). Tpack fruit salad [Web]. Retrieved from


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