21st Century Learning

Prior to creating my lesson plan, as I read through the lecture, this ever-changing world is one that education is picking up on, but with caution-which is a good thing. As a teacher, I assume because this generation grew up with the technology they have the skills and are technological savvy. As I have introduced more technology I am realizing that is not the case. As stated in Thomas and Brown (2011), students need to know where to find the information. I also like how they stated “students need to know how to create things that represent their learning across context.” The challenge then for us as teachers, is to teach that. However, the question is “How” do we teach them. This idea of technology is new to us as well. I remember faxing in a book report and now I am working on learning the technologies of today to teach my students. Glad I am a quick learner J The five core competencies of author, Renee Hobbs, if looked at more closely, are not all that different then what students have been taught prior to the technology age. Students needed to before know how to access, analyze, create, reflect and act long before the age of the internet, instagram and Wikipedia-the big difference now is they are able to use more technology then every before.

 My Learning objective in my lesson was to increase the self-advocacy skills of my students by using a student created MePage and use Google Docs to share with their general education teachers. The goal is to have students express themselves in their own words to describe themselves. By the time my students graduate from high school, they need to be able to independently advocate their needs. In using the MePage and Google Docs, students are able to use technology to do this. Some students lack confidence to do it in person, my goal is in using the MePage, it takes students in the direction of being able to slowly build their confidence in doing this. It also allows them to take charge of their education and hopefully, as the ultimate goal, rely on me less to advocate what the need.

Link to Lesson Plan:


 Hobbs, R. (2011). Digital and media literacy: Connecting culture and classroom. Thousand, Oaks, CA: Corwin/Sage.

Thomas, D., & Brown, J. S. (2011). A new culture of learning: Cultivating the imagination for a world of constant change. Lexington, Ky: CreateSpace?.


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