CEP 810 Final Reflection

Braiding a Fishtail braid is a challenge, but I am glad I took it on. The goal of the CEP 810 class was use to use only youtube videos and help forums. I couldn’t have someone do it for me nor could I have them show me how to do it. Another goal was to see what information what ‘outhere’ to learn how to do this skill. Below is my final networked learning project video. Over the course of eight weeks, I took to youtube and help forums to teach myself how to braid a fishtail braid. My goal was to learn how to do this in order to do something different with my hair over the summer. It took several takes to get the video right as well as getting the braid right, but one of the things I learned was the braid doesn’t need to be perfect. I can have a messy braid and it still looks nice.

It was a challenge to learn how to do this using only videos and help forums. I was very picky in which videos to use. There is more than one way to do a fishtail braid, which was a surprise to me. I also learned that it may depend on what kind of hair you had-if you had layers or no layers. Then there was the challenge of figuring out which video would work best for me. Pinterest was a challenge to use as I only seem to find pictures, but now have learned that there are videos out there. I am going to have to explore that further. I was mentioning to something that I needed to learn how to do this and they offered to show me and do it for me. I had to say no and explain what I needed to do. I learned with the internet, there is a lot of information out there that can help someone learn how to do just about anything they want to. In the middle of this class, I took a professional development class on the flipped classroom that led me to learn more about Youtube then I could ever imagine. Combine that professional development class with CEP 810- I have learned how to integrate the Networked Learning Project into my classroom. I imagine using the Networked Learning Project with students by having them use their research skills to find out about a skill they want to learn. It can also be used in a professional development setting as well.

Eight Weeks ago I began a journey that I had no idea where it would take me. I have had an interest in technology for as long as I can remember. It seemed I always wanted to be on that cutting edge. Example-In my 7th grade reading class, I asked my reading teacher if I could submit my book report via fax-he said sure. I have always wanted to learn what technology could do for me. Over the course of this 8 weeks, I have learned so much-so much that infact I have ideas going through my head as to what I could do with each of the things I have learned. My goal during the 2013-2014 school year is to implement the use of Google-email and drive with my students. Another one of my goals is to use youtube and the idea of the flipped classroom-keeping to my rule of 2 on the advice of a professor I had. I co-teach a 12th grade Economics class and feel the combination of youtube and the flipped classroom is something not just my special education students would benefit from, but my general education students as well.

As my journey in CEP 810 comes to an end I look back and think I have learned a lot in 8 weeks. I am excited for what I have learned and how I am going to apply it to my classroom. I am excited for my students and also jealous of my students-to be coming of age in a time like this is amazing-I guess I am fortunate to be living in this time of such innovation-but I guess that is what they said about the telegraph, Model-T, telephone and the airplane huh? But that is nothing in compares to where technology has come in the last 10 years. I can only imagine where it is going to go in the next 10 years and in my lifetime. I am enjoying every minute of it and can’t wait!  Buckle up everyone-it’s going to get interesting 🙂

The Fishtail Braid. 2011. Video. YoutubeWeb. 30 May 2013. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyZkowmdZv8>.


Final Networked Learning Project

My final networked learning project was to teach viewers how to make a fishtail braid. I was only to watch videos or go to forums to learn how to do it.

Cooking with TPACK

This week’s activity for my Teaching for understanding with Technology class had us exploring the challenges that come with working with tools to complete a task without the proper tools nor knowledge to successfully complete the task. Our next task was to explore how this is in line with the TPACK framework, which was developed at Michigan State University. TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, simply put it is the knowledge teachers need to know to effectively teach with technology (Koehler, 2011). In this world, where technology is becoming, if it already hasn’t become, the center of everything people do, this framework provides guidance for the effective integration of technology into the education world. The activity challenged my thought of how easy it is to do something without the proper knowledge. My thought is before something can be successfully integrated, the knowledge of how and what the technology does needs to be there.

TPACK Fruit Salad

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Networked Learning Project #3

This week was a set back of sorts. It was crazy busy with the last day of school, grading  final senior projects, state tournament for my Trap Shooters and to top it all off Graduation. I also decided to get a haircut in which my hairdresser chopped off 2 inches-making it a challenge of sorts to continue on my journey. BUT I am up for the challenge-I will figure out a way to conquer this!  I am going to look for a few more resources beyond youtube. My goal this week-as it is a little quieter-is to look to pintrest. My hope is that I don’t get addicted to it like so many that have gone before. It is still my goal to have this accomplished by the end of class. Until the next time…..

21st Century Learning

Prior to creating my lesson plan, as I read through the lecture, this ever-changing world is one that education is picking up on, but with caution-which is a good thing. As a teacher, I assume because this generation grew up with the technology they have the skills and are technological savvy. As I have introduced more technology I am realizing that is not the case. As stated in Thomas and Brown (2011), students need to know where to find the information. I also like how they stated “students need to know how to create things that represent their learning across context.” The challenge then for us as teachers, is to teach that. However, the question is “How” do we teach them. This idea of technology is new to us as well. I remember faxing in a book report and now I am working on learning the technologies of today to teach my students. Glad I am a quick learner J The five core competencies of author, Renee Hobbs, if looked at more closely, are not all that different then what students have been taught prior to the technology age. Students needed to before know how to access, analyze, create, reflect and act long before the age of the internet, instagram and Wikipedia-the big difference now is they are able to use more technology then every before.

 My Learning objective in my lesson was to increase the self-advocacy skills of my students by using a student created MePage and use Google Docs to share with their general education teachers. The goal is to have students express themselves in their own words to describe themselves. By the time my students graduate from high school, they need to be able to independently advocate their needs. In using the MePage and Google Docs, students are able to use technology to do this. Some students lack confidence to do it in person, my goal is in using the MePage, it takes students in the direction of being able to slowly build their confidence in doing this. It also allows them to take charge of their education and hopefully, as the ultimate goal, rely on me less to advocate what the need.

Link to Lesson Plan:


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