Networked Learning Project Post #2

After several trials-and by several I mean I lost count after awhile-of attempts to fishtail braid my own hair, I realize what my challenge was. As dorky as it sounds, the video I was using on youtube to teach myself had the person showing how to fishtail braid hair that was one length. The issue is I have layers. So began the search for a video that used layered hair. The interesting part is I don’t think it makes a difference. Below is the second video I was using to teach myself, but I am not finding a lot of success. My patience is low-it’s the end of our school year and that may be playing a role in my frustration. I am going to continue to attempt to do this-I will have it conquered by the time I post my video. Until the next post….



Messy fish tail braid ( medium, layered hair ) [Web]. (2012). Retrieved from


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