GTD otherwise known as Getting Things Done. The goal this week for my CEP 810 class was to explore ways of getting organize to GTD. Paper and pencil is nice, but there are a lot of electronic options out there that can help!

I discovered Google with all the features it has and continues to add. I really enjoy all the features-it helps put everything in one place and you can be on the move with my phone or iPad. It’s available at my fingertips. I am going to sell it as a one stop shop. One of the best aspects of Google is Google Docs. This has been a great tool that I have used more and more throughout the second semester of this school year. It allows for collaboration without having to meet in person. No more carrying around a jump drive. I love the fact that it automatically saves for me-don’t have to worry about saving every 5 min! Google Drive, Docs and all the other features make it easy to get organize. My goal is to work on increasing my knowledge around Google and increase my student’s knowledge about it as well.  


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